Case Study 03 : Back from the brink

Case Studies

Rewriting and reshaping medical publications for a high-end client who was about to lose the business account due to poor writing quality via their internal writers

  • Problem: A CRO called upon an SOS for us to support the complete rewriting of one of the highly technical manuscripts for a demanding client who was unimpressed with the writing support provided by the CRO previously. A do-or-die situation for the CRO as any mistake at this stage will make them lose the business account.
  • Solution: With our technical expertise in medical communications, our team was able to identify the mistakes in the paper, formulate a comprehensive plan to tackle the issue, rework the content and change the entire article to be aligned with the journal and client product strategy. The result: the client was highly impressed with superior quality, the CRO retained the client, and they won more projects, including repeated business to SciVoc.